Get Your Franzbrötchen and Abendbrot at Gaumenkitzel, Opening Sunday

Photo: Thrillist

Don’t you love German words? We do. And the Bay Area is having a love affair with Eastern Europe in general these days, so it’s appropriate that this Sunday marks the opening of Gaumenkitzel (2121 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley), the northern German kaffeehaus and eatery that we mentioned earlier. The place is going to specialize in traditional German breakfast and lunch offerings like the pastries known as franzbötchen, milchbötchen, and rosinenschnecke. Savory offerings tend toward the cold stuff, but at lunch there will be hearty dishes like pan-fried potatoes and eggs; fish poached in a curry sauce; meat-stuffed cabbage rolls; and beef tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce and mashed potatoes. See the full menu courtesy of Thrillist, with updates planned for February and March.

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