Gabriel Stulman’s Wisconsin Invasion; Lower-Alcohol Cocktails Crop Up

• Here’s Gabriel Stulman of Fedora looking quite serious and talking about hiring Wisconsinites and other techniques for fostering “friendliness” in his restaurants. [NYT]

• Those who get wobbly after one martini might try a lower-alcohol cocktail — for everyone’s sake. [Serious Eats]

• Thank God it’s … If you were planning a big night out tonight at T.G.I. Friday’s, know that the chain has rolled out new menu items, including “Tapa-tizer skewers” and spinach-Florentine flatbread. [NRN]

• Now that so-called “resistant-starch” foods like bananas, oats, and brown rice have been identified, the next diet trend might just be high-carb. [HuffPo]

• Here’s yet another reason to avoid trans fats: They may be linked to depression. Try olive oil instead. [WebMD]

• A study shows that thriftiness will likely continue among restaurant diners this year. Maybe people have just gotten spoiled with all those deal sites! [NRN]

• Preschoolers are scarily aware of fast-food and snack-food brands, and if you let them eat a bunch of junk, they’ll start to prefer it. Duh? [Businessweek]