A Nearly Full House at Porsena, Room to Spare at Heartbreak


It’s been a while since Grub Street has run a spot check, but the slew of East Village fall openings made us curious as to how business has been. Our trusty reporters visited six restaurants just around 8 p.m. to do some head counts. Read on to find out which rooms were full and which were dull.

Edi & the Wolf: Closed for a private event
El Cobre: 6 in the dining room, 24 empty seats; 3 at the bar, 4 empties
Goat Town: 24 in the dining room, 12 empty seats; 7 at the bar, 5 empties
Heartbreak: 17 in the dining room, 68 empty seats; 2 at the bar, 12 empties
Octavia’s Porch: 24 in the dining room, 12 empty seats; 5 at the bar, 12 empties
Porsena: 56 in the dining room, 4 empty seats; all 14 bar stools occupied

Ray Rahman and Samantha Zalaznick contributed reporting.