From Cold Lampin’ to Fried Chicken: Flavor Flav Starts a Fast Food Chain


Ever wonder where Flavor Flav got his name? According to CNN, the 51-year-old rapper attended cooking school in the late seventies. Who knew? But it’s helpful information, because now Flav is entering the fast-food fray. He’s leaving the burger world to Kanye West and E-40, and instead will bring his own fried chicken recipe to Clinton, Iowa. Flav’s Fried Chicken is opening in the small town with an investment from Las Vegas restaurateur Peter Cimino and his brother Nick, who runs a neighboring eatery. (Flavor cooked the Ciminos some wings recently in Vegas and the idea took off from there.) For the time being, Flavor says he plans to actually be in the Clinton shop cooking himself, before branching out with a chain of his own. Below, a video of Flavor boasting about his skills on the fryer and dissing KFC. Sadly, he never once says, “Yo Chuck, we gotta show Colonel Sanders what time it is!”

Flavor Flav Opens His Own Fried Chicken Restaurant in Iowa [CNN]