Four Loko Is Being Used to Fuel Cars!

Vroom vroom!
Vroom vroom!

We just noticed the other night that some cans of the stuff are still for sale at a deli in Downtown Brooklyn Rambo ($4.50 a can!), but forget all that noise because now a company in Virginia is turning Four Loko into goddamn car fuel!

States are sending the now-banned alcoholic energy drink to MXI Environmental Services in Abingdon, Virginia, so the company can turn it into ethanol and, according to the AP, “other products.” And MXI’s vice-president of operations says he can barely keep up: “We’re equipped to process four truckloads a day, and we’re at full capacity.” Psssh. Sounds like loser talk to us. We’re guessing that if he and his employees downed a couple of cans themselves they’d be able to get up to six, eight truckloads easy. Or at the very least they’d be really ready to do some sit-ups.

Banned Four Loko gets new use as auto fuel [MSNBC via Megan Krigbaum/Twitter]