Foodspotting Raises $3 Million; McDonald’s in Maple-Syrup Debacle

• While you’ve been sitting around debating whether to join food-photo social-media service Foodspotting, the start-up has gone and secured itself $3 million in funding. [Mashable]

• McDonald’s has gotten itself into a sticky situation with Vermont’s agriculture agency, which objects to Mickey D’s use of the word “maple” in its new fruit-and-maple oatmeal because the product contains no actual maple syrup. [WCAX 3]

• Restaurants and bars added 25,000 jobs last month, likely a good sign for the economy. So if you can’t find a position in your field, there’s always that. [USAT]

• Germany’s dioxin scare, caused by tainted animal feed, has spread to France and Denmark. [NYT]

• Bratty, whiny babies get put on solid food earlier than calmer infants, a study has found. This means the little complainers have a greater chance of growing up to be fat adults. Payback! [Fox News]

• Think you have a food allergy? Well, you might be wrong. [NYT]

• The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas rolled out tweeting refrigerators, among other gadgets. So look forward to lots of Twitter updates about spoiled milk! [CNN]

Foodspotting Raises $3 Million; McDonald’s in Maple-Syrup Debacle