Food Truck With a Twang

Photo: Go Country 105

If you felt like food trucks were wearing out their welcome before, say hello to The Chuck Wagon, a Southern food truck from radio station Go Country 105 that plays Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Kenny Chesney (and not unfortunately, Uncle Tupelo, Neko Case, or Gillian Welch). LAist introduces us to their Steel Magnolia sandwiches (a BLT), an egg white and maple ham on brioche named for KTLA 5, and a menu of hot eats, sides, and B. Sweets’ desserts. The truck not only plays country-and-western pop, but will also feature occasional live performances from country stars and various radio-style promotions. Seems like it might play bigger in Bakersfield than Culver City, but with twangy music and shit-kickin’ still as popular as ever with some people, who knows? Follow it on Twitter, but just make sure to keep your dog on its leash.

Food Truckin’ Goes Country: Here Comes the Chuck Wagon [LAist]