Fond Memories (and Memories of Fondling!) From the Max Fish Crowd


Max Fish’s new lease on life hasn’t put the brakes on the nostalgia train. In the Sunday Times, musician and author Helene Stapinski wrote, “Max Fish, as I knew it, may be coming to the end of its run. But I won’t get all sentimental and stupid over it. New York has a habit of devouring its young, leaving the bones in the unswept street and moving on.” And now Time Out runs a package that includes a timeline (remember the time Dash Snow got kicked out!?), as well as some fond memories from the likes of Moby (“every single person I knew had had sex in one of the bathrooms”) and former bartender John Drury (“No joke, I once saw a woman put a miniature Doberman on the bar, flip it over and [perform fellatio] while everyone watched”). Let’s not lose this, New York.

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