Fond Memories (and Memories of Fondling!) From the Max Fish Crowd

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Max Fish’s new lease on life hasn’t put the brakes on the nostalgia train. In the Sunday Times, musician and author Helene Stapinski wrote, “Max Fish, as I knew it, may be coming to the end of its run. But I won’t get all sentimental and stupid over it. New York has a habit of devouring its young, leaving the bones in the unswept street and moving on.” And now Time Out runs a package that includes a timeline (remember the time Dash Snow got kicked out!?), as well as some fond memories from the likes of Moby (“every single person I knew had had sex in one of the bathrooms”) and former bartender John Drury (“No joke, I once saw a woman put a miniature Doberman on the bar, flip it over and [perform fellatio] while everyone watched”). Let’s not lose this, New York.

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