Finally, Get Your Taste of Red Hook’s Red Honey

Photo: Courtesy of Red Hook beekeepers

Tonight is Bee Night at Brooklyn Brainery, and next month, there’s really something to buzz about (sorry). Remember the Red Hook rooftop bees that turned red after they got into the high fructose corn syrup and red dye #40 at a nearby maraschino cherry factory? David Selig (Rice, Rockaway Taco, Ñ) told the Times that their honey tasted “metallic and then overly sweet,” but if you’re still curious to try the red stuff (and how could you not be?), you’ll finally get your chance on February 12, noon till 1 p.m. That’s when Red Hook beekeepers will be at Brooklyn Kitchen, extracting the rogue (rouge?) honey and giving away free tastes. To sweeten the deal, samples will be available for purchase, with proceeds going back to the beekeepers and Brooklyn Kitchen.

No, the honey doesn’t taste like cherries, but Selig tells us he’s making sure it doesn’t happen again: “We’ve had contact with the cherry factory owner who has committed to better control his marinating facilities for next year, so that our bees don’t consume his cherry juice next spring and summer.” So there you have it— get it while you can.