Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Noodles But Were Too Busy Slurping to Ask

Minca's ramen. Photo: Melissa Hom

Looking to increase your noodle knowledge? You may want to dip into these two events: First, at 3rd Ward next Monday, “professional culinary tourist” Orianne Cosentino will show you how to cook buckwheat soba and traditional egg noodles, complete with homemade sauces ($50). And then on February 8, the Japan Society will host Ramen Rules New York ($20). Following a discussion between Masahiro Nakano of the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (yes, there’s a ramen museum) and recipe wizard J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, you’ll get to sample soy- and miso-based soups as well as noodles of various thicknesses. If Ramen Girl can master this stuff, anyone can!

Ramen Rules New York [Japan Society]
The Noodle Bowl [3rd Ward]