Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Noodles But Were Too Busy Slurping to Ask

Minca's ramen.

Looking to increase your noodle knowledge? You may want to dip into these two events: First, at 3rd Ward next Monday, “professional culinary tourist” Orianne Cosentino will show you how to cook buckwheat soba and traditional egg noodles, complete with homemade sauces ($50). And then on February 8, the Japan Society will host Ramen Rules New York ($20). Following a discussion between Masahiro Nakano of the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (yes, there’s a ramen museum) and recipe wizard J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, you’ll get to sample soy- and miso-based soups as well as noodles of various thicknesses. If Ramen Girl can master this stuff, anyone can!

Ramen Rules New York [Japan Society]
The Noodle Bowl [3rd Ward]