Dogs To Start Eating At, Not Chasing, Trucks

Photo: Phydough Truck via Facebook

In another sign that the yuppies on Abbot Kinney have way too much money, Squid Ink reports that there’s going to be a food truck for dogs. Yes, you read that right. If you have the kind of pooch that gets taken to salons, studies at dog boarding school, and eats organic pet super-food from a silver bowl, your dog will no longer need to suffer for being less trendy than the pack hogging the Gjelina doorway. The Phydough truck is rolling out this Saturday with “semi-organic, small-batch human-grade food,” featuring Benton’s bacon, frozen cookie dough, and doggie ice cream from Coolhaus. Pretty fancy for a beast that would be just as happy to eat dirt, bones, and discarded diapers.

Phydough Truck Rolls Out Gourmet Dog Treats [Squid Ink]