Do We Really Need a Brother Jimmy’s Cookbook?


Obviously the cookbook market is hungry for New York talent (witness the Meatball Shop scoring a deal after five months in business), but do we really need a Brother Jimmy’s cookbook? Alton Brown’s publisher thinks so! This news (via subscription site Publishers Marketplace) literally twisted our baseball cap backwards, but Stewart, Tabori & Chang plans to unleash the Brother Jimmy’s Cookbook in the spring of next year, in case you’re dying to make quesadillas and chicken fingers at your frat house home. And here we thought the only time we’d see Brother Jimmy’s appearing in print was, like, a “Girls of Brother Jimmy’s” spread in Maxim.

Sure, Brother Jimmy’s is the fourth most popular bar in the city per Zagat, but the barbecue fiends at Pig Trip put it mildly when they said the food is “hardly the pinnacle of NY BBQ” (and that’s N.Y. BBQ, folks). Heck, Tasty Eating ranked the meal it had there among the worst of the year: “First time I didn’t finish my plate of ribs.” You gotta figure some North Cackalacky pit masters are going to have their overalls in a bunch over this.