Dispatches From the Blizzard: Restaurants Want to Woo You, Warm You

Some restaurants want you to wile away today’s blizzard wrapped in their loving embrace. Others just want you to stay home and get drunk. Herein, our favorite dining-room dispatches from the snowy world of Facebook, Twitter, and our very own inbox.

Island Creek Oyster Bar just wants to love you: “Come on in for some oyster stew and a great bottle of wine… we’ll shelter you from the storm…” Order some bivalves; cue Bob Dylan. [Facebook]

Rialto, dignified and undaunted, suggests you sup on braised veal short ribs with house cotechino, lentils, apricots while gazing at the snow-kissed trees outside the Charles Hotel. [Facebook]

28 Degrees, meanwhile, thinks you should exercise a degree of restraint: “Roads are crazier than we expected today. For everyone’s safety, 28 will be closed this evening!” [Twitter]

Prezza patrons who brave the elements will be rewarded with carbs: Order a glass of Barolo wine and receive a complimentary half-order of handmade Potato Gnocchi a la Bolognese. [Grub Street]

• Over at Post 390, they’re having a festive time “firing up the grill, lighting the fireplaces, opening up the taps.”

• Almost as much fun as the folks at Gargoyles, who tout “warm and delicious” cocktails to lure you from your lair: “Winter storm can only mean a few things: No work on Wednesday. A long day of shoveling. And Gargoyles is going to make a party out of it!” [Grub Street]

Dante welcomes “cross-country skiers,” so don’t worry about dressing up if you’re heading over there. [Twitter]

Uni, meanwhile, suggests donning a parka but offers no other fashion tips. [Twitter]

Towne’s serving winter squash bisque with crispy duck spring rolls to people shopping, staying, or living in the 02115 area code. We can hardly move from our couch, let alone change area codes right now, but we’re totally open to bisque deliveries. [Grub Street]

• Hey, about that bisque: Russell House Tavern’s giving away a free bowl of soup with every lunch purchase until 4 p.m. [Twitter]

• Buy cupcakes for just a $1 at Kickass Cupcakes all day. That’s right. One dollar for a cupcake. Begin shoveling immediately. [Grub Street]

• Finally, Enormous Room gets our vote for best blizzard suggestion: “Due to storm we will be closed tonight. Now, get drunk on yr couch and watch 16 & Pregnant marathons.” At last, a restaurant that truly understands us! [Twitter]

Dispatches From the Blizzard: Restaurants Want to Woo You, Warm You