Dinner Circus Teatro ZinZanni Threatened By America’s Cup


It’s looking like ten-year-old Embarcadero dinner theater/circus Teatro ZinZanni will have to pack up and move on next year, as the Port of S.F. clears the way for the America’s Cup race in 2013. As the Examiner reports, the popular cabaret is one of 80 tenants who’ll be kicked off the northern bay-front, and the Port doesn’t think there’ll be another comparable, waterfront property for the ZinZanni folks to move to, though they do pledge to help them find a new spot. “We’re surprised and disappointed,” says Karen Ames, a spokeswoman for Teatro ZinZanni, which she calls a “jewel” in the city’s “non-profit arts crown.” She’s angling to stay put and serve as a hospitality venue for race attendees.

At Pier 29, the cabaret/circus/restaurant has certainly provided steady jobs for a number of contortionist waitresses and foreign acrobats over the years, not to mention a reliable Halloween destination for adventuresome couples from the East Bay.

As it happens, the group was going to have to move eventually anyway, since the Port has future plans for a cruise ship dock at Pier 29.

But moving isn’t going to be an easy feat. Executive director Annie Jamison tells ABC 7, the tent used by Teatro ZinZanni is over 100 years old and has some 3,000 parts to it, all held together by pressure.

So you may want to watch the video below and hurry over there in case the show does not go on after next January.

Our next question is will the Pier 23 Café get shoved out too?

Celebrating 10 Years of Love, Chaos & Dinner! from Teatro ZinZanni on Vimeo.

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Dinner Circus Teatro ZinZanni Threatened By America’s Cup