It’s Sink or Swim for Fish Pier and Andros Diner

Great, now where will we get our fish cakes?
Great, now where will we get our fish cakes? Photo: Melissa Hom

Despite shutting down for dining room renovations and a management upheaval, it seems local institution (or “Taj Mahal” ) Locke-Ober’s staying in business. Regrettably, the same can’t be said for another, smaller institution: Southie’s Fish Pier.

The Globe reports that the no-frills seafood restaurant, which enjoys a loyal following, needs to vacate its East Broadway location by February 15. The building’s landlord is selling the property.

Sadly but not shockingly, there’s drama involved: Long-time manager Ed Beeson claims the landlord, Stephen Margiotta, wants to evict due to unpaid taxes; Beeson claims the basement office floods regularly and that owner Emily LeBlanc lost her records due to water damage. (He also says Margiotta failed to do basic repairs on the property.) The restaurant hopes to relocate to Weymouth, Somerville, or Dorchester.

It’s been a taxing couple of months for the old-time Boston scene. Anthony’s Pier 4 was recently cited for a hefty delinquent tax tab of $423, 851. And a couple of days ago, Belmont’s venerable Andros Diner learned its food license might be yanked due to owing $50,000 in back taxes, says the Globe. Maybe, post-renovation, Locke-Ober can start selling us down-n-dirty fish and chips?

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