Del’s Lemonade Melts on Lincoln, But Keeps Truckin’

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

It’s not Ortolan or Beacon, or even Mani’s on Maple for that matter, but Del’s Lemonade has nonetheless closed up shop on Lincoln Blvd. Who didn’t see this shutter coming since no one (NO ONE!) was ever inside of this imported franchise licensed from the Rhode Island favorite. Opened in August 2009, the store hoped to popularize frozen lemonade and ices, perhaps not realizing that, while it doesn’t get as frigid as the Eastern seaboard, it still gets too damn cold for frozen treats during a good part of the year. Plus let’s face it, the past two summers have kept the heat fairly low. Del’s is making the wiser business decision to keep its mobile operation afloat, delivering the brand’s frozen flavored lemonade via truck.