Curtis Stone Replaces Kelly Choi As Host of Top Chef Masters


Apparently that whole Toby Young thing didn’t sour Top Chef’s producers on accents, because according to a press release, they’ve hired Celebrity Apprentice also-ran Curtis “The Quiet Terminator” Stone to replace poor Kelly Choi as host of the third season of Top Chef Masters. (When you can’t find a Simon Cowell–esque Brit, a sexy, surfing Aussie will do!) Actually, Stone, a Marco Pierre White acolyte, is no stranger to American audiences, having appeared on Iron Chef, The Biggest Loser, and of course the Take Home Chef — and he’ll also be a judge on NBC’s upcoming series America’s Next Great Restaurant, alongside Bobby Flay and Chiptole’s Steve Ells (see the recently released trailer below). Sure, he seems like the Aussie Rocco DiSpirito, right down to the hair gel (Rocco’s Dinner Party, by the way, premieres later this year), but Kelly Choi’s behind him: She tweets, “This guy can cook, you're gonna love him ... cheers, mate!”