Chelsea’s Cabo Rojo Closes After 51 Years


In every “hot” neighborhood there’s an anachronistic greasy spoon valiantly hanging on — think La Nueva Conquista in Soho. Or the Square Diner in Tribeca. In the West Village there was Joe Jr., now being replaced by a Brazilian joint. Chelsea has a couple of spots like La Tacita Taza de Oro and the great Poppy’s Terminal Restaurant, and now JV reports that one of them, Cabo Rojo, is closing after 51 years. As Sam Sifton pointed out in a praiseful $25 and Under review, the local joint was once Spanish before becoming “proudly Puerto Rican,” and quietly served “stellar variations on the island’s favorite themes: sweet, salt, sour, fire.” The owner tells JVNY he lost his lease.

Cabo Rojo [JVNY]