Changes at Cienfuegos: Carteles Shutters, Cocktails on Tap

This way for dark and stormies on tap.
This way for dark and stormies on tap. Photo: Melissa Hom

Ravi DeRossi’s three-part Cienfuegos complex on Avenue A is proving to be ever-evolving. Today Fork in the Road notices that Carteles, the place’s casual sandwich joint, has closed, and learns from DeRossi that the space will be used for a “chef’s table, a prix fixe reservation-only dining room with guest mixologists pairing Latin-flavored cocktails,” and also for cocktail classes. Meanwhile, Mayur Subbarao, who’s running the cocktail program at the new sit-down restaurant El Cobre reveals to Grub Street that he’s serving a dark and stormy on tap. “I use a pony keg with a CO2-nitrous mixture at a very high draw pressure, turned down to a slightly lower pressure for service (so it comes out as fizzy as soda, but with smaller bubbles). We use fresh ginger syrup, lime, and Gosling’s [rum],” he writes. The cocktail costs $14. Wine on tap was one of last year’s trends, could cocktails on tap be next?

Carteles Now Closed, Will Be Turned Into Chef’s Table & Cocktail School
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