Brooklyn Fare Has Doubled in Size

Sadly, the Chef's Table isn't getting any bigger.
Sadly, the Chef's Table isn't getting any bigger. Photo: Roxanne Behr/New York Magazine

As promised, Brooklyn Fare — the grocery portion — has gotten more shelf space. A lot more. Owner Moe Issa tells us the shop has gone from 6,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet, parts of which are open now and all of which will be unveiled in the next two to three weeks. Issa says the expansion enables him to stock the complete lines of popular packaged brands like Amy’s Organics, Kashi, and Bob’s Red Mill grains, double the offerings in produce, and triple the cheese selection. “It’s going to allow me to compete a little better and it’s going to allow people to do a one-stop shop,” he told Grub Street. And he notes that thanks to his improved buying power, he’s already been able to lower prices on many items.

As for that more-casual restaurant rumored to be going in next door, that’s still happening — Issa estimates it will open by the end of the year. The new eatery will have 45 to 50 seats and offer “something similar to what’s happening right now” at the Chef’s Table, but at a lower price point, Issa said — and it will be à la carte rather than prix fixe. While Cesar Ramirez will design and oversee the menu, current Chef’s Table sous-chef Douglas Kim will be the one behind the stove. Issa hopes the establishment will have secured its liquor license by then as well.