Baked Now Offering Brownie Mix; Breakfast Pizza Having a Moment

• The extra-dense brownies from Red Hook bakery Baked are now available in a mix you can make at home. Whether you add any “special” ingredients the name of the store might bring to mind is up to you. [WSJ]

• Restaurants like Donatella and Pulino’s in New York, and Domino’s Pizza, are offering breakfast pies. In case you need the purpose of this spelled out, Donatella Arpaia named her egg-topped creation “the hangover pizza.” [NRN]

• Chains such as Walgreens, Target, and CVS are stocking more and more food, including ready-to-eat prepared items like salad and sushi. Yeah, we wouldn’t eat that if we were you. [NYT]

• Sri Lanka is the latest nation to suffer flooding, and it’s widely feared that decimated food crops will lead to higher prices. [FT]

• It’s not just the now-underwater Drift Café affected by Brisbane’s flooding: Industry experts estimate that 200 restaurants and thousands of restaurant-industry employees have sustained financial losses. [Brisbane Times AU]