Boathouse Workers Record Dean Poll’s Anti-Union ‘Threats’

Photo: Courtesy of Central Park Boathouse

While Donald Trump has struck a deal with former Tavern on the Green workers belonging to Local 6, the operator of Central Park’s other restaurant, Dean Poll of the Boathouse, who couldn’t come to an agreement with the union when he tried to revive Tavern, is now back in its crosshairs — the union’s head, Peter Ward, says that Poll has been threatening Boathouse workers for trying to unionize, and dozens of waiters and dishwashers have been recording their conversations with him in order to prove it. The Daily News says that Poll “can be heard on several of the tapes warning his employees that if they vote for a union he ‘will go out of business,’” and he fired sixteen union supporters on Tuesday. Poll says it’s just because it’s the slow season, and “if I need workers for a party, it’s much easier to hire by outsourcing.”

Angry employees at Central Park’s Boathouse Restaurant secretly taping their bosses [NYDN]