BizBash Misses The Boat While Predicting 2011’s Most Anticipated Openings

Forgetting a few things, BizBash?
Forgetting a few things, BizBash? Photo: Short Order

Today BizBash predicts “L.A.’s Ten Most Anticipated Venues of 2011,” and though the weather has cleared in the sky, the site’s own crystal ball still appears mostly-cloudy. Don’t get us wrong, we’re also super-stoked about the “The Age of Mammals” exhibit and the reopening of Hotel Bel-Air. But we can think of much more thrilling L.A. restaurant openings than a second Rosa Mexicano and the debut of a restaurant from Rolling Stone. Such as?

Really guys, who isn’t going way more gaga in anticipation for Sang Yoon’s Lukshon, Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman’s Short Order, Michael Voltaggio’s Ink, the sequel to Animal, and the re-birth of Grace at Saint Vibiana’s (none of which make the cut here)? Not to say those new projects from Tim Goodell, Josie LeBalch, and Micah Wexler don’t rank high on our list of exciting news, but “most anticipated?” BizBash please! That’s almost as crazy as including the appearance of a Carnival Cruise ship in San Pedro on its list of things we’re supposed to care about (they totally do that too).

2011 Preview: Los Angeles’s 10 Most Anticipated New Venues [BizBash]