Another Food Truck Fest Bust in Arcadia

Bring food trucks and they will come...
Bring food trucks and they will come... Photo: Hadley Tomicki

We lost our faith in food truck festivals roughly about a year ago, when endless lines, blistering weather, and a sea of hungry hungry hipsters turned our stomachs at The Street Food Fest. Today, we’d like to welcome L.A. Weekly to the club, as they announce that they’ve “seen our spirits broken, had our life forced nearly sapped from us” while attending Road Stoves’ Santa Anita Food Truck Festival this past Saturday. Same blues being sung here: Waits of 45 minutes or longer for trucks that ran out of food, massive crowds, little chances to try it all, if anything, and to sum it up, “a complete clustertruck.” With the ambitious TruckIt! Fest coming in March, let’s just hope organizers are heeding the lessons or that both vendors and attendees have been warned of the worst one can expect.

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