And the Latest Kitchen Nightmares Rip-off Is … Bar Rehab!

Photo: NCB Show

If you enjoyed watching the Blarney Stone get a lackluster “construction intervention,” Spike TV has announced a new show from the folks behind Master Chef and Biggest Loser. According to a release, Bar Rehab will find Jon Taffer (a bar consultant who’s worked with Hooters and Rainforest Café) using an “in-your-face” style to make over one lucky bar per one-hour episode: “He will utilize everything from state-of-the-art science such as eye tracking technology, monitoring of body temperature and even reading pheromone output in patrons in order to create an ambitious plan of action.” Pheromone readings? Sounds like just the kind of talent Sodexo can use in its plan to rehab Coney Island’s bars!