After Six Years, Savalas Will Leave Bedford Avenue

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

After six years on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, dance spot Savalas will close at the end of this week. There goes your next birthday party, kids! Its Facebook page doesn’t give a reason, but an update posted yesterday says “The end is near. Come get a lethal dose of Savalas before we shut our doors. T-minus 6 days.” The bar has changed its profile photo to text: “THE SONG ‘THE FINAL COUNTDOWN’ IS NOW PLAYING IN YOUR HEAD.” Back in September, a bar employee sent an e-mail to DJs banning hip-hop, and explained, “the crowd at Savalas has been changing recently. Our old regulars are coming around less, drug dealers, meat heads, dare I say *gasp* New Jersey kids are coming around more.” New Jersey kids are hereby redirected to the Woods, owned by the same team.