After Fifteen Years, City Grill Closes to Become Columbus Tavern

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Reps bring word that last night, Doug Griebel closed his fifteen-year-old Upper West Side spot, the City Grill, and he plans to replace it with the Columbus Tavern, a partnership with Jeremy Wladis of Nonna, Firehouse, Campo, and Brad’s. Chef Phil Conlon (one of the many who passed through the kitchen of Broadway East) will turn out entrees such as a lamb-shank shepherd’s pie, cider-braised pork ribs, and whole roasted trout with fennel, baby carrots, and salsa verde, while a new cocktail-lounge area (the 90-seat restaurant’s 1890s German bar will be extended) will specialize in curried deviled eggs, merguez wellingtons, and spicy duck-fat cashews. We’ll have more for you when Gramercy, er, Columbus Tavern opens mid-February.