Adult Chocolate Milk’s Inspiring Origin Story

Choclate milk, now with vodka!

There's already been some buzz on the blogosphere about Ginuwine-endorsed Adult Chocolate Milk, but today we learn how the boozy beverage began. (Listen up, someday this will be legendary.) It's exactly what you might imagine! A frazzled mom in Newport Beach, California, mixed her kids some chocolate milk, put them to bed, then added a little vodka to what was left, and (drunkenly?) broadcast her doings to the world on Facebook. Overwhelming response led her to begin selling the product, and now she's a small-business owner with a R&B-star-endorsed; drink who's about to launch Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch, and Adult Limeade. It's a heartwarming tale, sort of. Well, "heartwarming" might not be the right word. It's a tale, anyway.

Chocolate milk gets a grown-up twist with some vodka added [USAT]