A Case for Letting Suds Sit


It turns out aging booze isn’t just for wine and cocktails. As the Post reports, aged beer is now a thing, and it’s widespread enough that places like Gramercy Tavern and Blind Tiger Ale House are offering the stuff, and even Trader Joe’s is selling a “vintage” ale. Evidently beers continue to ferment while they’re stored, so that “[u]nlike a wine’s vintage, which signifies the characteristics of the grape harvest from a certain year, a beer’s vintage simply declares how long it’s been aged.” And you can age storebought beers at home, if you’re able to keep them around that long without drinking them! Does this mean beer cellars might become a thing? In other suds tidings, we hear from Beer Table that the quirky Park Slope pub is now offering growlers to go. You can see the list of available beers on the restaurant’s website.

Hopped up on old beer [NYP]