ZOMG! Hot Tiki Drinks!

Photo: Istockphoto

Look, the tiki trend is one we really like. Painkiller’s great. Lani Kai, even though it’s “modern tropical” instead of tiki, is lovely (especially their crab rangoons). Even Hurricane Club has its charms. But do we really want floats of 151-rum in frozen coconuts when it’s fifteen degrees outside? We do not. No problem! Diner’s Journal brings word of the latest innovation Giuseppe Gonzalez is serving at Painkiller: Hot tiki drinks! We’re talking coffee grog. We’re talking hot mai tais. We’re even talking warm sazeracs, which sound decidedly un-tiki, but good nonetheless. Also: Painkiller’s going to be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We wonder where these would’ve ranked on the Voice’s list of the year’s best cocktails. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]