Watch a Preview for Stanley Tucci’s New Wine Show


First Jean-Georges’s wife got her own food show, and now we’ve got a first look at Stanley Tucci’s new show, Vine Talk, which is set to debut on public television next April. It features: Tucci (who was in Big Night, one of our favorite food movies) and an ever-changing panel of chefs and celebrities swirling, sniffing, and tasting wines. Presumably talking about them, too, but since the preview clip is remarkably devoid of dialogue, we’ve got no idea how informed celeb panelists like Patricia Clarkson and Penn Badgley will be. But it looks like Daniel Boulud will be in at least one episode, too, so there’s hope it will be better than that show where Mario Batali took Gwyneth Paltrow to Spain! Check out the clip below and, as with all things public TV, check your local listings!