Two Trends That Won’t Die Unite Again: Bacon Mania Truck Launching Soon

Photo: Bacon Mania

If Ray Garcia’s bacon-wrapped bacon at Fig didn’t put the final nail in the porky trend’s coffin, perhaps nothing will. A couple of months after Lardon Truck made its inevitable debut, complete with radio ads and a PR team, we find the Bacon Mania Truck readying itself to descend on O.C. with what they call “unabashed man food” featuring “upscale versions of your favorite down-home dishes.” They’ve also got jokes, calling their beef, lamb, and bacon patty sliders with jalapeno chevre, “E-I-E-I Ouch!” and dubbing bacon “the gateway meat” on a Facebook page. What else do they have up their sleeves?

In addition to the burgers, this crew is making chipotle lime shrimp tacos topped with bacon chunks, a bacon-topped Alpine Meats Chicago dog, cinnamon chip griddle cakes with bacon strips, and chocolate cookies with more chunks of bacon. Owners George and Jay recently kicked it with another porky duo, Mark and Brian of radio fame, and plan a full roll-out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to their Twitter feed, which is just about the only thing these guys haven’t managed to wrap in bacon so far.