Three More Months: Food Truck Ban Extended on Abbot Kinney First Fridays

Photo: RicardoDiaz11 via Flickr

The food truck ban placed on Abbot Kinney’s First Fridays at the start of this month turned out to be a success, bringing a slice of sanity back to the monthly art walk. Yo! Venice! says neighborhood shop-keeps, locals, and visitors found the “experience this month more pleasant” and now the street’s stores are trying their best to get some sort of permanent solution to deal with the munchable motorcade. As a start, food truck will be verboten through March, which should give The Abbot Kinney Merchants Committee plenty of time to devise new roadblocks for a the eateries. Meanwhile, The Brig is still giving the trucks a home just about every other day on AK, but no doubt this is a blow to the bottom line of L.A.’s food truck scene.

Abbot Kinney Merchants to extend “No Parking” at First Fridays [Yo! Venice!]