The Upper Crust Pizza Saga Continues: Now the Attorney General’s Involved

Photo: Marcel Moreau/Flickr

Beleaguered pizza chain Upper Crust now faces an investigation by the Massachusetts attorney general’s office, the Globe reports. This comes in the wake of a scathing story the paper ran on the chain’s treatment of immigrant workers. Read on for the latest.

Per the Globe, the attorney general will probe potential violations of the state’s minimum-wage and other workplace laws, according to an anonymous official briefed on the brouhaha. Upper Crust also faces investigations by the Department of Labor and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Meanwhile, the empire’s p.r. guy, George Regan, claims his client has absolutely nothing to hide. “We welcome any investigation,” he says. Doncha think “welcome” is going a tiny bit overboard?

Upper Crust Said to Face Probe by AG [Globe]