Stop Messing with Our Meat: Even Steakhouses Cater to The Veggie Centric

Tellagio Cheese and Chanterelle Bruschetta
Tellagio Cheese and Chanterelle Bruschetta Photo: Boa

Little green terrestrials are landing at Boa, which has just added an assortment of winter vegetable dishes to its menu of table-side tartare, 40-day dry-aged NY strip, and veal chops. This isn’t just the creamed spinach and giant wedge of iceberg lettuce that was sidelined at the steakhouses of our grandparents’ day, but a selection of seasonal produce in appetizers like bruschetta lined with chanterelle and tellagio, and goat cheese baklava with black truffles and pistachios. There’s also a salad of baby spinach, sides of root vegetable gratin, bamboo steamed vegetables, brown sugar glazed butternut squash, sauteed seasonal mushrooms, and roasted garlic potatoes among the meat-free options. So, why the green infusion?

Clearly, this shows that the locovore movement is spreading fast and furiously, even to our carnivorous corporate restaurants. Or maybe Boa is just trying to capture the vegetarian celeb market and bring the Brad Pitts of the world to its table. Just be careful what you wish for, Boa. While Andy Dick might drink just about anything, he is also an outspoken vegetarian. The new dishes are available at both Santa Monica and Hollywood locations of Boa.