Steven Rinella, Eater of Brooklyn Squirrels, Debuts on the Travel Channel


Move over, Richman, Zimmern, and Bourdain — the Travel Channel is adding another Über dude to its roster. Remember Steven Rinella, the Brooklyn writer and outdoorsman who trapped city squirrels and had Jay McInerney serve wine with them? Guy’s got his own show now. The Wild Within will try to succeed where Ted Nugent fails, and show us the value in hunting and gathering. In the first episode, premiering January 9 at 9 p.m., Rinella and his brother scale a mountain in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, and hunt for black-tailed deer. He’ll also climb under the Golden Gate Bridge for eggs, go octopus fishing in Hawaii, and traverse the Missouri River — all while gnawing on venison jerky. The Travel Channel’s sizzle reel shows Rinella very interested in New York City pigeons, as well. Oh, boy.