Would-Be Food Network Murderer Is Also a Micromanager, Dog Lover


More details have come out in the story of Juan-Carlos Cruz, the former Food Network chef who tried to hire a homeless man to kill his wife. And they give a glimpse of what kind of guy Cruz really is! (Spoiler alert: He’s the kind of guy who tried to have his wife killed.)

He suggested that the homeless man — who is named David Carrington and who was actually cooperating with police the whole time — strangle his wife with pantyhose so he could avoid leaving a “bloody mess.” Cruz also made a point of giving the instruction that his dogs not be hurt, and even provided Carrington with dog treats. He just loves those puppies so darn much! Our advice: If you’re hiring some random homeless dude to kill your wife, you might as well just let the guy handle it his way and expect that things might not go exactly how you want them.

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Former TV chef insisted that wife’s would-be killer not harm dogs [LAT]