SinoSoul Defends Puck’s Duck

Photo: Allenjone via Flickr

Never one to hesitate from stirring the pot, SinoSoul blogger Tony Chen takes issue with his “foodie hero,” Jonathan Gold, after the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic called out WP24 on KCRW’s Good Food for supposedly serving its Beijing duck with the skin on, as opposed to separately, as Gold claimed it “should be served.” Digging through the crates, Chen produces two recent photos, one from Beijing and one from Hong Kong, of the duck dish in-question served at two famous duck houses. As you can probably guess by now, the duck is served at both with the skin attached. But short of burning Gold, Chen explains he’s merely sticking up for the chef here. And speaking of said chef, WP24’s new recruit Sara Johannes gives LAist a full report on the restaurant’s preparation of this suddenly controversial duck, from sourcing the quacker from a Pennsylvania farm to blowing up its skin with air and then hanging them above the oven to dry. Strangely, we still really want to eat it, blown up skin and all.

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