Say It Ain’t So: Domino’s Is New York’s Most Popular Pizza?!


Huh. So a Chicago Tribune blogger investigates the "favorite dishes" listings on an online site that includes and, writes a post titled, "The Most Ordered-In Foods of 2010? Really?" and suggests that New York's "favorite" dish to order from home is a Domino's cheese pizza. What?!

This is, of course, a mere fraction of the online sites folks use to order food not to mention the telephone but immediately our hackles are up. There are so many little slice shops peppering nearly every street in this town. How can Domino's be the most-ordered pizza?

So, we cast aspersions on this report unless all Grub Street readers are secretly ordering Domino's online, night after night?

The most ordered-in foods of 2010? Really? [Stew/Trib]