Say It Ain’t So: Domino’s Is New York’s Most Popular Pizza?!


Huh. So a Chicago Tribune blogger investigates the “favorite dishes” listings on an online site that includes and, writes a post titled, “The Most Ordered-In Foods of 2010? Really?” and suggests that New York’s “favorite” dish to order from home is a Domino’s cheese pizza. What?!

This is, of course, a mere fraction of the online sites folks use to order food — not to mention the telephone — but immediately our hackles are up. There are so many little slice shops peppering nearly every street in this town. How can Domino’s be the most-ordered pizza?

So, we cast aspersions on this report — unless all Grub Street readers are secretly ordering Domino’s online, night after night?

The most ordered-in foods of 2010? Really? [Stew/Trib]