Ruth Reichl Doesn’t Hold Grudges

Photo: Melissa Hom

Yes, Condé Nast shut down her magazine and turned the Gourmet brand into an app and a couple of books filled with recycled editorial content, but it sounds like former editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl isn’t stewing about it (at least not anymore). Quite the opposite: witness her recommending the Gourmet Cookie Book in a Gift Guide post on her website. “Every time I see this sweet little book it makes me happy,” she writes. But wait, maybe something sinister is going on. After all, isn’t it possible she’s got a financial stake in the book? Cookie residuals? Nope. She assures us she “does not get a penny” from the book. Stay classy, Ruth! (And while you’re at it, check out the cookbook suggestion she had for the Grub Street Gift Guide.) [Ruth Reichl]