Place Pigalle Actually Appears to Have Lost Its Lease


So, the rumor that floated yesterday about Place Pigalle possibly losing their liquor license over a porn shoot appears to be inaccurate. A rep from contacted us to clarify that Place Pigalle owner Greg Noto hasn’t actually lost his liquor license (it appears good through May), but in fact lost the lease on the place, something that was apparently in the cards for months — and long before the July Kink shoot. Noto himself hasn’t been reachable for clarification, but the rep says that the shoot was closed to the public, done entirely with Noto’s permission, and did not lead to any disciplinary action from the ABC. Look for Place Pigalle, then, to stay closed for the duration and for the space to turn over. As for the rumor about Kink looking to buy a bar near the Armory: “No comment.” [Grub Street] Update: Nope again, it was the liquor license, but related to some tax thing.