Need to Binge Before Going to Bed Drunk? Phantom Phans Have Some Helpful Suggestions…

Photo: The Phantom Goumet

An interesting question has been posed on the Phantom Gourmet’s Facebook page: What’s the best bedtime snack after a three-cocktail night? Our answer: About three more cocktails. But the peanut gallery offered up some intriguing responses, just in time for all of our boozy holiday soirees. Read on for our favorites. (We’ve edited for style, naughtiness, and reckless use of caps.)

• Annie’s mac and cheese with cheddarwurst slices

• Mike’s Roast Beef in Everett

• Jax cheese curls and an Advil

• Another cocktail

• Breakfast at the Red Arrow diner in Manchester, NH

• Creme de asperin (cute)

• Crunchy Cheetos and sour cream

• A big omelet with lots of veggies, especially spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms; cheddar cheese with a side of home fries dipped in Hollandaise sauce; whole wheat toast; a large glass of OJ and a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top

• Crab rangoon and spare ribs

• Vlasic Kosher Dills and Gatorade

• Lay’s potato chips and a Hershey bar

• Nachos, hot dogs, or a Chicken Caesar wrap …Then more drinks … WOOHOO!!!!

And our personal favorite:

• Beef jerky or some Cap’n Crunch cereal with milk