NaanStop Food Truck Debuting at Santa Anita Food Truck Festival


Last week, IndiaWest detailed the thriving condition of our city’s Indian food trucks, India Jones and Dosa Truck, early entrants into the game who still remain popular. Today we learned a new competitor is entering the field in late January called NaanStop, a name that also sums up our feeling about new food truck announcements. Though it hasn’t yet debuted (there have been a few tasting parties), the truck has over 500 Twitter followers already and took a place in Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s (yes there is such a thing) “Top Ten Punniest Food Truck Names” poll, which omitted the non-stop pun factory over at Great Balls on Tires. What’s going to make the menu at NaanStop?

A Facebook page announces that this will be traditional Northern Indian food “just the way our mom made it.” “Maa” was apparently an inspired cook, as the truck has so far tested hand-wrapped, fried mango dessert samosas, potato samosas with apple-tamarind chutney, a slow-cooked lamb curry naanwich, and tandoori naanwiches, with photos visible through Roaming Hunger’s documentation of the tasting events.

The truck will make its debut at a food truck fest taking place on January 29th at Santa Anita Park, joined by Dave Danhi’s Grilled Cheese Truck and Nana Queen’s (not Naan-a Queen’s), among others. And the puns don’t stop, as currently, a Twitter feed announces the truck’s search for “naanbelievers” to work for them via Craiglist.