More Trends, Trends, Trends of 2010-2011

Get ready for noodles!
Get ready for noodles! Photo: Danny Kim

You can add a few more to the pile of year-end trend lists: BA Foodist predicts 2011 trends (rabbit, foraged ingredients, Asian fusion, noodles, and pop-ups), as does AllRecipes (mobile apps, ethnic dishes, home cocktailing, local artisan shops, pies, canned ingredients, small kitchen tools, men in the kitchen, countertop appliances, and home dinners). Daily Meal foresees some trends as well (underground takeout joints, offbeat grains like spelt, homemade cocktails, whole animals, rooftop gardens, celebrity farmers, and Nordic) while also looking at the 2010 trends they’ll replace (food trucks, gluten-free, mixology, whole pigs, farm-to-table, butcher chic, no-reservation restaurants, and Korean). Finally, Eater looks at the 2010 trends that never quite took off. Au revoir, Pizzacone.