L.A.’s Locavores Could Lose Seven Farmers Markets If Hollywood Film School Gets Its Way

Photo: Afternoon via Flickr

Apparently, the drama at The Hollywood Farmers Market, which finds an estimated 60 vendors threatened by displacement due to a denied renewal of the market’s street closure permit after 19 years, will also endanger seven other local markets, including those in Atwater Village, Watts, Echo Park, and Crenshaw, due to the monetary losses that will befall market organizers SEELA.

The city has denied the market the market’s permit at the behest of neighboring Hollywood Film School, which wants to keep its parking lot open to traffic on Sundays, when it is normally blocked by the street closure. Currently, a petition to fight for the locavore institution is circulating at the market, which will take place this weekend as usual, with an update on the situation expected this afternoon on FarmerNet. Meanwhile, the city is proposing to give the non-profit a month to figure out alternative placement for its vendors, which the market would consider a loss in the fight to stay alive.

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