L.I. Teens Might Lose Energy Drinks; Three City Employees in Food-Stamp Scandal

• A proposed law would prevent kids under 19 in Suffolk County, on Long Island, from buying energy drinks. While we’re at it, can we ban vodka and Gatorade in a Poland Spring bottle, consumed on the LIRR on a Saturday night? [NBC New York]
• Your tax dollars at work: Three former and current city employees have been charged with scamming the food-stamp benefit system for over $8 million. [WSJ]

• A bunch of people are not amused by a joke recipe for “kung pao kitten” that appeared in a University of Missouri newsletter. PETA, is that you pulling some kind of elaborate stunt? [Kansas City Star]

• Just like the evil geniuses over at McDonald’s had plotted, their limited-edition McRib helped boost sales nearly 5 percent last month. [USAT]

• If you’re already stuffing your face with a couple of doughnuts, plus some coffee, each morning, well, now it’s possible that breakfast might make you smarter. [NYDN]

• Another reason to bring on the doughnuts: An FDA advisory panel has recommended a new weight-loss pill, called Contrave. [Catholic Online]

• Butter may be even worse for you than you think: Researchers in Toledo, Ohio, found the flame-retardant chemical PBDE in nine out of ten brands they tested. [ABC Local]