Last Call for Caffeinated Alcohol!


Reminder: Today’s the last day that bodegas will legally be allowed to stock Four Loko (and smoke shops will soon have to yank K2, or “synthetic marijuana,” too. Now you know what you’ll be stuffing everyone’s stockings with!). While the supply trickles dry, the Local East Village interviews some Four Loko pushers and addicts and gets epic quotes like, “people started fighting for it, they started ordering cases out of their mind” and “you have little people, like eleven, drinkin’ it, and they be gettin’ all sick and stuff.”

The Daily News gets two people to say, “I hear it makes you crazy,” and points out that retailers will still have “a reasonable amount of time” to sell out their current stock. But the drink they called Satan’s piss has already hit Craigslist, going anywhere from $5 per can to $100 for a “set of collectible Four Lokos.” Before you put on those Bad Idea Jeans and throw a K2/Four Loko going-away party, do watch this ridiculous buzzkill of a Howcast on drinking Four Loko responsibly. You can start by pouring one out.

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