LAMill Not Coming to New York (at Least Not Yet)

LA Mill's Silver Lake location.
LA Mill’s Silver Lake location. Photo: LA Mill

When we heard that L.A.’s LA Mill coffee (pronounced “la mill,” like “La Bamba”) would be expanding to a Four Seasons on the “East Coast,” we’ll admit we got a little excited. We’ve been to the Silver Lake location, and it is good. And sure, okay, maybe we’re a little jaded being New Yorkers and all, but our feeling was, like, that East Coast location has to be New York, right? Where else would you want to expand? Well, we talked to owner Craig Min who told us that the expansion isn’t coming to New York after all. That East Coast location? It’s Baltimore. But we aren’t giving up yet! Min says he’s certainly not ruling out a New York outpost in the future. Just, you know, not right now. [Grub Street LA]