We’re Number Five! We’re Number Five!


According to John Mariani’s Best-Restaurant-Cities-in-the-Country scale, Los Angeles rests squarely in the middle of the top 10–just below New York (numero uno, natch), Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans, but besting Las Vegas, Houston, Washington D.C. and Seattle. He says our “showiness and celebrity idolatry have faded in favor of more solid innovation and honest cookery” (suck it, Michelin), but still believes the “most exciting, edgy decade” for L.A. restaurants was from 1985 to 1995. So he gives rightful due to Wolfgang Puck and Piero Selvaggio, two granddaddies of the L.A. scene whose restaurants are still packed today. But maybe if he dined in this decade (think: Centeno, Choi, Lefebvre, Dotolo, Shook, Voltaggio), we’d finally break the top three. [Eat Like a Man]