Kosher Booze for Hanukkah; Thomas Keller’s Extravagant Hong Kong Meals

• Time to get mazel trashed? If you’re wanting to booze it up this Hanukkah while still keeping kosher, vodka company L’Chaim also makes kosher rum, tequila, and wine. [NYDN]

• It’s not Per Se, per se, but … Thomas Keller’s $835, eleven-course Hong Kong dinners, which sold out six months ago, are happening this week. [SceneAsia/WSJ]

• The recession in Europe means casual take-out shops, brasseries, and gastropubs are getting more gourmet cred. It’s about time! [AP via Fox News]

• Don’t slurp down that organic eggnog just yet: Nutmeg made by Frontier, an organic spice company, has been recalled over salmonella concerns. [OregonLive]

• It turns out crack pie might have more in common with actual crack than you thought: A study shows the brain’s reactions to junk food and drugs are not that different. [NPR]